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1/2, 3/4, All Day? Here is today’s report-Thanks Joe!

Let me catch you up on the catching and looking!

Beautiful weather is right now so why be on the fence?
1/2 days blues, some spanish, some Boston Macks and looking for albies. Albie bite yesterday was easy today harder. One or two throwback kings.
3/4 days blues, some spanish, looking for albies, small king-allows more time to go farther.
All Day Trips -can be a variety of trips when weather is good bottom or troll etc. Today saw some looking for the Amberjack on the long run. Can also be a variety of species depending on who you fish with and what you are deciding. We have many trips for many budgets so call us directly to arrange that.

We have tomorrow pm slot open for 1/2 or 3/4 trip (booked through us) and Wednesday we have 1/2,3/4, or All Day slot presently. Beyond that better to call as I have trips this weekend as well!

Thanks to Joe and his crew for the Turkey Jerky, the laughs, and the intense….focused….trip (read NOT. we had fun cuz it was a quick learning curve. they kept me hopping!) Ya know…Cuz “Pawley” and Joe were trying to keep me busy in one corner of the box!

You can call us directly at
252 423 0039 cell/boat Cpt Will McPherson to hook up your trip

V McPherson