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2016-Your intoxicated…go home! Merry Merry My Crews

What really was a good year, smooth sailing, and good fishing by this Fall had turned into the gauntlet of storms, downed trees, flooding, and a host of things that just seemed to put folks on a big edge. I was glad I had the customers I did and rounded out my 2016 on a great note with some nice crews all year long.


The boss and I walk everyday (we’re married so hey, I landed that fish so he isn”t far away lol) and we still see the last evidence of the winds of Fall. December rumbled in.



Decorations went up, people came in and the fronts pushed hard. If you had snow, we had wind. Then  of course weather became your crazy cousin Larry and we hit 73F the other day.


Blow boaters (sailboaters) still found places to sit, enjoy the outdoors and stay tied. Grills were lit, dogs walked the planks and we all were due for the respite.

Fishing will continue of course throughout the winter. Tuna fishermen have always done so as have our commercial fleet. For the Sinbad crew I have videos to edit and post, a lot of things to always do aboard , and people to pencil in. If you are set on your reservations book us now so we can see what you need.


Mine is not to question why because he is the boss so although I may give the same look you see there, it does get done period. I appreciate the folks already booking ! We always try to do our best. I have more on the way. Thank you to those in the loop who discovered us this year! For my regulars-always health & wealth for all into the New Year. Stay safe, warm, or in a bikini depending on what continent you may be on this season!


Viv McPherson