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Albacore update, the bite, & Weather

This is a quick update

For those seeking false albacore.(the little tunny)(that shirt is so bright…I cannot look…away…)


If you notice right now we catch a few then we do not. If you are not here then you need to wait again. I know it is frustrating BUT we have more wind due Sunday.  If it blows hard we are out of the ocean till it lays down. That means no albacore. Today we had a few in the am and one or two bites in the pm. No big school today. After the next windy blow on Sunday-once we are back in the ocean, I will let you know. I would be prepared to see what is around . The fish are on the move for the season.

Bite today was very good on blues, as we said just a few albacore in the am, some smaller fare if you were drifting around oceanside.

We have a wind switch again tomorrow, then again, then by Sunday it might be breezy. All depends on what gets here when.

I will post all our photos at the end of the week.


Viv McPherson