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April’s Warm Up-wanting the hook ups!

We both are fielding some great inquiries so let me keep you current in case you have picked us up in other feed.


I have been hoping that Spring has finally settled in and that seems to be the case! Temps have remained in the 60′s-70′s , surfers have hit the waves, and kids are on the beach!


[Bluefish/taylor blues Spring-Fall]

The local water temps have yielded (according to reports) some mullet around O.I. area in the surf as well as some puppy drum down the sound Hatteras way.


Spanish Macks [Summer to Fall]

Up on this end commercial fleet hit some croakers late last week and no doubt should be a few dogfish in the mix in the area.


Albacore [Late summer -Fall fishery]

I have already begun to pencil in the trips be it for a full boat of six passengers or groups of only 3 and 4 people wanting a trip for themselves. It is up to you!


Amberjack or deep drop [Mid Summer on]

We have many trips for many budgets.  We fish the bay, the ocean, a few miles up and down or offshore depending on conditions-type of trip-time of year.

(below picture shows family dockside. Limit is 6 passengers in your          group as this is a Coast Guard law )P1010070 P1010111


Now with our third generation of fishermen we take pride in being able to be here hoping to hook you up.


Be your lighthouse in the Bahamas or Bodie (NC)-welcome to the Uber Banks-where it is go as soon as the sun come up!

**We will be availalbe for hire April 20th or so. RIght now we are waiting for a bit more of a warm up in water temps. I want the best opportunity for catching prior to May.

*If you know when you are coming in and want a particular slot-book now. ie. July 4th am is already gone! I will be running a report with an example of catches we see throughout the year so stay tuned! thank you for all emails and inquiries. Your time is valuable to us.

Viv McPherson