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August Rush-The Roll to Fall

If you have been missing your photos here they come! Last week saw us on the bite for blues, some spanish, bottom fare when that bite gave way on half days.

P1020408 P1020412 P1020410

I had new company and old familiar faces to get me through another 14 day stretch to Sunday. Without them, I would be fit to be tied. ¬†Above is Noel Hume and family and I want to thank them all. I have been fortunate enough to fish Noel since 1992 during which he was here lending his expertise to the excavation at Fort Raleigh (did you know he was referred to as the father of historical archaeology)? BTW…the girls always rock it AND if it were up to me I would be fishing with that Harper…he named his John boat after me….I put Will on notice… ;)

P1020399 P1020393 P1020396 P1020397 P1020394 P1020391

Drum runs continue to light switch! On days we can hook it the fish are all mixed up but the pull is undeniable. Then there is the gap where we don’t see them and we hope folks realize the luck they had! This one above is the nicest one I have caught in a long time. Throwing them back works. Anyone who knows me knows I was here when we could keep one per person and I will always maintain to take the position to keep this slot closed. One small pup is plenty. These big fish are older like coi and they belong released. okok…enough soap box lol.

P1020407 P1020405 P1020404

Our smaller fare has been up and down of late. During this run we still made easy work of grabbing some oceanside. I had great groups who took only what was needed and that is all you need! We even did the round robin for folks in from the Cape (North) who may not have some of the species we have here on the bottom.

P1020401 P1020402 P1020400


As we wrapped up that week (still more photos from late last week and this week coming) we began to see the ups and downs on the small troll for blues and macks. I could run three trips in one day that were smooth then hit one the next that was a push for the buffet.

7/28 today: I have one more series of photos coming. August is definitely here. Yesterday very steady on trolling 3 trips for spanish blues-today that dropped to small stuff but we hit some alberts and macks this pm. which bounced us back up!

We are back at it tomorrow. I have Friday pm slot available right now.

Thank you to those that had to understand when the bite just stretched to one here or there. It is so appreciated as we cannot always get the amount we want.

Viv McPherson

** photos from late last week into this week are coming. If you are not here, hang on!