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Backpack Back: Lines in

I was a tourist before I was a mate. I was a mate before I was a captain and a wife and mom the entire way. It doesn’t matter who you are: we all wear a few hats in our life and people know us from those hats. The winter here has been a cold one and on the last blow post fishing trips we absolutely RAN. Yep. There I said it. It was our one break this year lol. I hate having my foto taken on vacation as Will will attest but he always gets great ones when I don’t see him.

I grabbed an old back sack from Brasil, my boss (aka Will) and some fins and we decided to submerge in some sunshine to reboot what is now starting to look like summer! It is hard to imagine but we tourist it as well and we deal with the drives, the schedule, the flights, the places to stay; it all depends on how much time and where. Don’t ever think we do not appreciate your effort to show up dockside with us. It is one of the best ways to appreciate it and be at the top of your health to better serve you; take that jaunt! The rolling cloud of photos only reminds us of what is coming.


Sunshine has battled fog each morning here but we have summer coming as just like last spring saw, SW winds have begun to push fish up the alley.

Some blues making their way on this end as well as some drop fishing. Hatteras continues on the drum and one or two cobia that way I have been told. Come on summer.

SW blows just turn it on! It will be blues on tap first, come the drum, come the cobia, come the drop fishing-it all goes by how quickly the water heats up.


I have openings coming up (weekend into) this next week as well as bookings. This is the start of it all. We go after what is trying to school and take it form there. Thank you for the calls and bookings while we were in transit! You folks are appreciated as I do it on the fly to get you on the books. Always best to reach us on the cell from here on out! We have many trips for many budgets and that you get right from us!

Welcome May and thank you all who are scheduling right into August right now!
Viv McPherson

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