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The Backside of Florence/Re-entry Info Link

I always direct folks straight to the county for the official policy. You can go to the Dare County Emergency Management site for today’s re-entry update!


It will explain procedures for Saturday and Sunday on who can get in , where, and when.

We have done well up on this end overall.Let us be considerate to the rest of our state and then some that are still experiencing Florence. Locals as well will be on the road with you and they want to get home as much as you want to keep your plans! We are ready for sun and very little mega surf but the ocean is rolling today! This picture was prior!

We are going to polish up this weekend into this next week and then move back to the marina to get back into place. Thank you so much for all the kind housing offers we had as we chose to be here with close neighbors as a group.

V McPherson