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The Beach “Chair” & Boat Chair

You can leave your prints in the sand and wander the minutes away. You can watch the waves midday from the comfort of the kitchen chairs, sofas, hammocks and wonder what folks back home are doing. You can hop aboard or not because it…wait, it matters!


I didn’t want to leave you out of the latest. The ocean is still rocking and rolling guys but we are finally due for a lay down shortly. May cannot come fast enough and April is going to roar out lol.



Will is answering emails fast and make a note of who you speak with as we have seen some mass emailings and prices and trip types may get confusing so when you see Will & Viv…then come right on back. Didn’t see your type of trip or budget? Then try to call us by phone. Get it on the books how it fits your schedule and truly enjoy your vacation.

Thanks and I am now tapping…my ..fingers..for SUMMER lol.

Viv & Will McPherson