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The Bend & Bytes! Brief wrap & Available dates


Tues 7/5 : am or pm slot opened up as I am shifting groups. If booking 3/4 trip or all day best to call first.

Thursday 7/7 pm only

Friday 7/8 am /pm slot. You can also choose 3/4 or all day if weather is great!

We were on an all day today with a great bend in the ol’ poles ! Fantastic group with more great folks on board tomorrow. I have photos coming as well as video down the line. Please be patient as I am fishing every day and very happy with that! I love the work!



As soon as we turn around tomorrow I will begin to catch up on this week! If you have taken video please forward it when possible to our inbox (email) and give your name for proper credit! It takes a bit to pull it together but many of our customers get great shots I simply cannot get !

Thank you to those booking and as we catch it we will post it!

Viv McPherson