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A Bit O Irish Red! Openings this weekend/411 fishing

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Quick update:

I have only third trip open this week until the weekend. Wednesday Third trip not available. Third trip only booked through us personally.

We had been on fish for dinner but again were also on some release drum fishing. The quandary always being; Do we fish for dinner hope for a shot on drum? Do we try to see some drum hope for shot on dinner? Normally, we can do both but today we did alot of racing around and folks it is only a half day lol. Time to just put our head down and go.

We have a wind switch due tomorrow late into mid week then back to SW again. It is late July and truly fishing right now but everyone who has fished me knows….I am the optimist. THAT is why all the tackle stays rigged and ready! If you do not see your pic here it is coming-this was simply an update to keep everyone informed.

More as we know it.


V McPherson