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Bites,Bytes,Today & Tomorrow

You are mobile, you are home, you are at work, and you are on the move. We have fielded the calls, the pokes, tire kicking and booking!


It can be daunting if you are the one who is trying to organize your own “crew” for the vacation! You just want to be here with your feet in the sand. The water is like Iceland right now folks but you can imagine it is warm!

Today: Water temps for what we do which is Nearshore, off the beach a bit and backside continue cold. The bite oceanside for a day or two put you in puffer territory waiting on small shark (still not there yet and light tackle provides alot of fun when they show).



Easter came early and the ocean is trying to catch up. I have been shoving my crews to later (think May) if they were looking for take home fare. On a pretty day if you simply want to be in the ocean or sound, you can do that ! Up to you! Our aim is to try to work with you. I say it every year; “water temperature, wind,& weather determine what has shown up and whether it has a chance of biting.”


Bytes & Bites are always intertwined like a vine that grows as the summer temps come to stay. I love watching the groups we have show up not knowing what the trip could bring. If you are not familiar with what we do then browse here.

IMG_0887 P1020124


Nearshore can be many things.


We drift fish both the inside and oceanside depending on what the weather may give us. Fish have their own way of feeding, fending, and traveling.

P1010138 P1010139


When the need for speed arises , fish move to feed which means you may be on the move as well!

P1010047 P1010051 P1020274


They can jump, shower bait, move together and alone along migration. Four lines in and four rods bent or the hail mary that comes with “wait for it…wait for it..”

P1020232 P1020159


Blues, Spanish, bottom fare on the drift, only leads to larger fare as the season progresses.

P1010278 P1020105


The food chain is in action as each species can be predator or prey. It is the way of nature that offers opportunities to any angler or nature observer.

P1020391 P1020396 P1020442

Spinning tackle, trolling gear, harnessed and not, my groups have risen to the challenges and it is part of what makes it interesting! Red Drum (above redfish) in the adult category are all release as it is this size that breeds (think above 27inches).  Kings made a good showing last year due to Nino and that was a great bonus! Cobias made a  run (see the update next report) and we were on it first thing on this end!

P1020080 P1020083


What gave the West Coast a drought brought us steady weather for work. More days than not we were moving right along and it slowed the migration !

P1020505 P1020493

Ribbonfish on drift,  small shark, amberjack on plugs, the tackle changes we make are frequent when they bite one day and not the next.

P1020374 Sometimes we need to spend a day to get the bigger results due to time or territory and sometimes we may see them quickly.


A variety of experiences is another reason to book with us personally to try to accommodate your time and budget! Fall eventually rushes in as the wind breakers come out and the socks go on.

P1020444 P1020448 P1020540 P1020542


Too fast our summer passes us by and we wonder how many more days we can fish easily until the ocean grows heavy. If you want to see what may be biting, just go through the dates on our reports. They cover each week whether we were blown out of fishing or not!

August weekend of the 5th is gone into that Monday. No availability for that time block left. The 13th August am trip is also unavailable.

3/30/16 Nice air temps are at the beach on and off right now. Ocean temps have a ways to go on the Oregon Inlet end for take home fare. Catch and release should better as we got towards the end of April. I have a cobia update for the summer I will post. It will concern new bag limits.

We book through the marina : half day and all day nearshore trips. NOT gulfstream all day (that is why the big 60ft boats are in that 2k category for their trips. 30+miles guys )

Booked through our home only: 3/4 trips, third trip (4pm-7pm). Call Will for scheduling that please as the marina does not book those particular trips for us.

Only have 4 people? We have many trips for many budgets. I have had single anglers every year as well as just two depending on what we were doing!

Thank you to those on the books and those who are fishing us!

Viv McPherson