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Blow by Blow! No Spell Ck plz.

It is fishing Blow by blow as summer temps went to Fall temps and waters chilled as if someone had thrown and ice cube in them.


I feel like Ahab shaking my fist at the sky! I will do my best to type but bloody spell ck keeps insisting I caught Cobras last week and not Cobias. We did not. Cobias we release/caught. So if you see an error; know we didn’t have “snakes on boat. ”


Blues gave way to the search and seek mission that was my week last week. Phenomenal people again only pushed me harder to want to put it in the box and have a pretty day. I managed to sport some Spanish on a ceviche run . Delicious either sushi or cooked it is not a lot of effort on the plate. The family dynamics aboard made me want to be adopted (funny and nice to be around). Thank you!

2017-05-12 08.16.12

Sometimes someone can place something special for you to see that carries a lot of value in its experience-shout out to the Fairfax region. Public service no matter what form is something we regard highly. Trolling or spinner we did it all.



Tossing and Turning the wheel we worked hard wind or not and bundled in the tower or the  pit. Cobias on half day saw some releases and if you were lucky a keeper. We check and if he needs to go back remember he will be bigger next year and smarter!


All day might have put you in a bit better position time and coast wise to see more of a push on that fish but no matter what; it was a show, a cruise, a turtle popping here or there and it was all good! Ir is a fish on the line, jumping, showing, and nature in between. By end of week we had another blow (NE presently) and some rain and we are hoping the wind turns SW, the water heats back up, and work begins to return to summer predictability! I have more on schedule next week and as seas fall, and sun shines we will let you know. HEADS UP: June is popping so if there is a date you need-call soon and yes we will run a third trip during good weather again!

Thank you so much folks; see you again this summer on the flip!

You all can book directly and you do not need six persons to go! If you have four or less especially just give us a shout!

Viv & Will McPherson

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