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Bottoms Up & What Ran our Reels

I am catching up on the past week still runing into this week. We have seen rain, shine, calm, breezy, easy, hard, casting, trolling, bumping the bottom and more.





My crews flexed with me and right into today we could not be more grateful. Last week I came off the troll for a bit.





Blues showed, then disappeared leaving us just a scattered bite and then on to the bottom to bend the pole. Release and keep it didn’t matter. I had the crews and families who put their fishing caps on and hit it!




My regulars have kept me going and they know I have the greatest appreciation for untying from the dock year after year. Each year is different and every trip has been different since the last front barreled through.



Chum blocks to chunks, to strips and jigs-we have it all rigged lol. Water temps are the battle of late as no matter which wind direction we get we are in search of the heat.

IMG_2428 IMG_2432

Light tackle bow over, casting rod double up, then trolling rods took their turn on a pop; part of trying to get it all in sync is just having it ready and switching when you have to then holding that hand when you need to!


Don’t forget there are always a few surprises along the way…but you will have to wait for this week’s round up as we get through the holiday! Dock shots are coming. Remember, if you are coming in you can book directly through us with a Visa or Mastercard. I have more photos on the way and more to say so until I get caught up-thank you to those aboard and those on the way!

tight lines!

Will & Viv McPherson