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Breeze & the Bytes! Only three or four anglers? Lets get hooked up as well!

If you are here now or coming in this weekend here is the latest as we caught it! This morning we saw some Spanish on a pop and then did a jaunt for other fare.  You do not have to keep anything if you do not want. We can take a digital, release, keep; all depends on what is catching on and what you may or may not be needing.


Weather is great, we have solid breezes oceanside- so don’t panic on the temps! We are not feeling out there  what you have on the beaches! I am booking on spot and on phone   with emails still being answered. If you have questions please call but note there is no issue having less than six anglers! This week I have had two, three, five…Give us a call personally for what you may need! Thanks and remember when booking with us personally you can really communicate .  Thanks and landside at this moment you can reach us at 252 423 0039 cell or 252 473 2398 home evenings.