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Buffalo-Blues & Beaches!

This crew has always seen me during the April-May time block. Honestly, their faith is daunting!



They always tell me “when we catch the fish” not “if.” Mentally I am always at that point where I reflect “hope the water is right, hope the wind is right, hope they are hungry!” Today was not the exception. My crew wiped the sleep from their eyes.

P1020024 P1020025


Beautiful but windy is how the day greeted us. The storm exited, the birds came up, and we worked our way into the bend on the poles! Blues on tap today with a “tude” as they ran between the bait. Every once in a while we would have a ray scream some line off (released two that left my anglers with red hands) but truly another great way to start the year!

P1020022 P1020019

It didn’t mean my anglers couldn’t find some shut eye in between. There still managed to keep some pit side for every hook up.

P1020026 P1020027


As we wound down, we past our Guard in the process of working as well. As we have read before, things can change quickly here in terms of topography.


Dockside my crew and I passed the time while the fillets were made ready for the dinner table! They have been swimming (holy..what great circulation) and I know they were going to grab lunch, maybe a rest, then back to the ocean. We have more on the books and every day changes right now. Another coldfront due will switch the wind so as we post it, you will see it!

Thanks so much for fishing with us again this year!

to those coming in, nice temps, sunshine-come on summer!

to hook it up with us right now, call us directly at 252 423 0039 cell/boat

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Viv McPherson