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Bye Felicia

I wish it was BYE FLORENCE but as you have seen on from what I have been saying, we left yesterday to prepare for the upcoming storm. I have released for this upcoming week ( Sept 10th week) all my own charters as well as anyone who had booked me through the marina. I released that prior to even leaving and called as well. This is for Sinbad. If you are booked with someone else then stick with your captain! This is for my people.

If you are here please pay attention to what is going on. For today, enjoy the beautiful weather that always comes prior to any breeze up. Honestly, we had no wind, popping fish prior, and just the swell that became the surf report! How aggravating that Wind finally was NOT an issue but two storm swells (one from a system above us and the approaching hurricane) was.

Customers who are coming in on the 15th onward: will be catching up with that today via email, phone, and other communication forms. We still have a second storm behind this one that we are making sure stays out to sea and/or low and not an Atlantic Issue.

The Last round of pics is coming and then we shall hunker and count down.

Thank you to those scheduled as you actually were on target.

V McPherson