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Byte me! Call to hook up with us!

I have alot of photos to come so this is just to catch you up on the catching! Last 72 hrs for us has seen blues, spanish, one shot on drum when we were on  a mosey and the first few triggerfish on half day. Blues and Spanish have been a mainstay overall on half day. Water and wind determine alot!


If you are here we are on schedule with some trips already. We want to keep it rolling! You may request us online through the marina if you are booking online. If you have a day later this week you would like to go, just give us a call directly and we can schedule that.



Need a particular day and we are stacked? Weather permitting we take Third Trips from 4-7pm and those can only be scheduled through us personally! Only have 2-4 people-call us directly. You do not need 6 people to make the trip! Thanks to those waiting on photos! We have been on a roll.

Thank you and weather is whether!

V McPherson