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The Bytes Far & Near

Let us catch up from last week! I finished the weekend with a great group prior to the NE blow and that is why we were on the fish! Spanish, blues, popeye albacores showed their teeth all week with our anglers getting summer skies, buffet in the box and of course the “30%” chance of rain that skirted us!



Here is the photo proof-you’re welcome ;). Not one boat sat dockside guys -it is summertime and here we go! That is what the cabin nearshore is for as you are not in the open lol.

P1010785 P1010780 P1010783


I had half days and all days and was glad to see us right on track!  We had breezy and flat. There were just a few small shark but you must dedicate to chum and move around for the half day so it is what it is and as we were in a good bite last week on other species, we stayed bent on those. My regulars were on hand to fill me in on who has grown, who is in sports, who got a new job (yeah, my big kids are now 40). Loved it all!

P1010764 P1010765


New customers got to know us, see what types of trips we can run and where we can go when it all falls into place! Each coldfront shakes it up but since we run three trips a day (do not forget 4-7pm slot is booked by us) we can always be on the move.



It can be your first rodeo, a regular event, a once in a while fishing trip, a sightseeing fishing trip (think dolphins, pelicans etc)-we see it all! Never been? Great! Love to have you. Fish alot?

P1010787 P1010789 P1010791 P1010790


Fine also. If there is something you are interested in pre-date us or call us to see if it is running and conditions good!

P1010772 GOPR0504

Our all day runs have had a good time be they nearshore on the blues and macks, off the coast for amberjack on light tackle, live baiting on the tide lines, etc.



It has been a buffet depending on conditions and time constraints but the videos folks have been taking have been great! Just remember that you cannot do everything we do in one trip obviously!!! We fish all year long for a variety and every fish has its season .  We are awaiting a NE lay down as the front was a good one but yep, you got sunshine if that is your wish. As we catch it tomorrow we will post it! I am going to open third trip as I am stacked until Saturday morning. I can run a 3/4 trip Saturday or a half day morning right now. Call us for that.  If I open anything else I will post it for sure.

Sept-Oct : booking right now.  Weekends go first

Thank you to all the folks who came aboard, trusted the slots they had and didn’t over stress about anything! It is VAY -CAY folks! Welcome & relax!

Viv McPherson