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From Carolina & Beyond

It is never any secret that we get quite a few folks here from other states. However, there are plenty of folks from our own state who can have a shorter drive by going South on the Interstate to other beaches. I have seen a few Carolina groups who finally bit the bullet to come here this year and they ended up being verrrrry happy with the result!

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Either way, I appreciate all who have me booked up each day right now and let us cross our fingers it all falls into place!

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Fishing last week was solid post NE wind with nice macks on tap, false albacore, bullet macks, some blues and a shot of drum! It was a buffet and it all depended on what popped up and what type of trip you were running! The coldfront helped keep our fishing on tap and our anglers made short work of it when the bite was good.

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We kept a breeze boat side as the heat you have on land is not reflected always on the water. The water is cooler than the land and hence tends to lend a breeze! By the end of last week we were still seeing some macks but blues were pushing into dominance on some of the bite. Do not let the weatherman fool you; it can rain in one spot and not in another and that is what the cabin is for! We have cover! I have  more coming up-see the most recent post for some extra information! For those not pictured yet we are editing and fishing at the same time and everyone knows I move as fast as humanly possible! Thank you to all who keep us untied!

Viv McPherson