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The Cast this week

It has been a cast of characters and casters this week. I promised to update you on what is seen and caught so let me give you what we know.

Surfcasting: along the beaches this week (think last 48hrs especially) we have seen both puppy drum as well as sow drum from say Avalon to Cape Point. Mullet on the bottom even in the sandy water produced a bite here and there. Most of the action has been seen on surfcasting this week as that is where the main body of anglers has been. Few specks mixed in backside and oceanside. shallow ponds and grass and the pier.



Swell continues today but looks to fall down which would make looking around easier. I have shoved folks out ( later)on fishing dates as the water continues to flow back to the ocean and the tributaries West empty back out. Fishing now Nearshore will be fishing for sure & looking for real- so if you are here and want to go , know that is the scoop!

Thank you to those penciling in next year!

V McPherson