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Catching Up on the Catches-7/18

I still have more coming as we are fishing every day with no breaks until late next week around Friday right now. If you haven’t seen yourself yet chances are you are here or the next one in!

P1020314 P1020315 P1020313

We are still constantly changing venues on our trips as fish and water temps continue to fluctuate. Two small fronts have tried to warm waters along the beaches but yesterday (7/17)showed no fish trolling beachside  due to sea conditions (today is better but we need a lay down). That put all Nearshore in the Sound bottom fishing yesterday.

P1020333 P1020338 P1020339


So here is what went on the last week or so! We have gone from blues around the inlet, to the shiny ribbon and back again.

P1020341 P1020331


They look ferocious but are known for swimming at angles as well while they hunt.

P1020332 P1020342 P1020345 P1020347 P1020348


Ribbons were not always a guarantee either as one day they became a challenge which sent boats again on a search and find for a fin. Didn’t matter who you were, we fished it all, counted it all, and that is why every bit of the tackle has been used lately.

P1020330 P1020329 P1020327

When the seas were not kind we used the Sound for miles (hey where do you think the shrimp etc come from?) as it has a healthy source of food.  One or two cobia still swim occasionally caught as well as released. Triggers continue far and away with few on half . Doesn’t mean we don’t try-it can always change!

P1020355 P1020354 P1020331 P1020326 P1020325 P1020323 P1020319 P1020318 P1020316

We still saw some amberjack but know that these folks are talking to US prior to hopping on as you need sea conditions for that and also know you are wrapping up that fish for the year as they migrate, move on, like most species do. We still saw some limits and then again saw none on certain days as there is lots of wants for that big tug! Yesterday all Nearshore boats were bottom fishing the sound due to the waves. It breezed up more than expected. Overall it was spot, some blues, some flounder, mullet, trout. Today the wind continues to fall out (thank goodness) and if you are in the pm slot you have a rough tide oceanside .

You need a SW now so lets get it.

If you have dreams of lunkers and did not schedule that trip-then you did not schedule that trip! That can be a hero or zero thing lol.

then again…you should see what has been popping up for those who had a horseshoe. I have more photos coming. They were nice ones.


NB* Although I have Sunday pm open (7/19), I am solidly booked MON-THURS.  I have openings next Friday, Saturday. If you need third trip we can run it any day Monday-Thursday but that is booked only by us.  Call us 252 423 0039

Thanks to all who have really understood about the weather, the ocean, the sound and the switching!

V McPherson