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“Weather is Whether!” Updated for the last 48!

The last forty eight have seen a shift of wind (SW to NE), a shift of territory, and a shift in species! So that you have the latest, we are on schedule solid again tomorrow-but openings in the pm after that. Call and request us or better yet-call us on the boat at 252 423 0039 cell.


By Sunday we had started in the ocean only to be blown into the sound on troll, then on the bottom. Today, back on the troll  Soundside/shoal no less than 24hrs after that with solid results laid on the dock today! Pics are coming but in the meantime know that we are shifting every time the wind comes from a different direction and that means just be flexible, enjoy what is, and as we catch it we will post more info! If there is a fish you are interested in please call prior to just booking so we can get you on the weather! thanks!

Viv McPherson


The Highlights & Lowdown this past week! Byte Me!

Anyone who knows me knows I carry my sense of humor with me as often as possible! Welcome to summer, the vacation you were snowed in for. We are glad to see ya! Here is the lowdown on what went on the last week or so.


Sunshine and a variety of methods used as the last coldfront shook our fish up. There was no crew left that didn’t get a humbling at first on trying to keep a quick bite going. That turned into a very good fish pick after only a day or two which started laying numbers on the docks again!


Never let it be said we don’t see some interesting fish! Ribbonfish can be some of the most prehistoric looking fish you may see! Yes, we definitely let them go but just zoom in on the teeth, eyes and structure of the fish and it screams ancient! I have had some of the best anglers ( nicest and sharp!)from near and far and they have all been ready to hit the water.  Some of them actually taught school here, moved on to great things and STILL managed to come on back and catch some for dinner!


The brotherly love goes a long way as each fish comes in the boat!


Hat on, sunglasses up, and getting ready to grill! Take only what you need, leave what you don’t, and be happy when the dolphin show hits!


You love when everyone has a chance to catch some, enjoy the trip, relax (remember to relax guys-its vaca!) and “talk amongst themselves.” (she said ala Mike Meyers)


Fishing is as much about being together as being out there seeing it all.  You can try to predict what is going to hook up everyday but the truth is it’s like a snowflake most of the time. It is still fishing, but it is different every day, the conditions change, the fish change, and THAT is what keeps every fisherman completely tied to it!


When you are done cranking, you can cruise, sleep, or get back up and grab ahold of some more!


Or…if you are Trish…and after everyone has already played rock, paper, scissors , to see who gets on the pole for the first big fish…


the fish bites on your pole instead…while everyone else is completely asleep…lol Trish, you are forever welcome! Your enthusiasm is exactly what is great and…I believe they should bottle it…Red Bull would fail!


The Lowdown is we went from a scattered bite to good numbers on macks and  a scattered blue on half day. The last forty eight I have had some shots on fat alberts which make the line zing but this time of year I am not looking for a school on that fish-more luck to it as they are a Fall fish for us normally. I have also been nailed by a nice shark (no , not keeping) and drum. Know that the drum we catch oceanside (which is a bonus, not an everyday thing) can be large and therefore are RELEASE (do not confuse them with the small drum the kayakers are catching right now in the sound). Nothing makes a grown man cry like telling him “I am sorry sir, your fish is TOO BIG to keep” like a bad stewardess. lol.

All Day trips and three quarter trips needed the weather to get the distance and change some of the species you could have access to (ie triggerifsh, amberjack etc.  deep drop is an all day trip scheduled with captain pls. not with the marina for tiles etc ).

Someone called and booked this week and brought up an interesting point-the heat they see in the forecast. FIRST, don’t panic on the temps! I have no idea why folks don’t think we have a breeze here in the afternoons! The Wright Brothers flew here for a reason…seriously…second: if you would like to go and all our mornings are booked, pick the day you would like and lets try a captains trip we schedule called “third trip.” It is a late afternoon trip and runs as the sun falls from the sky late afternoon. You can only schedule this through us so give us a call, pick your day and lets hook it up! It is really quite tranquil that time of day!

Thanks and we have more reports coming in!

Viv McPherson

Sinbadsportfishing 252 423 0039 cell, 252 473 2398 home evenings

Breeze & the Bytes! Only three or four anglers? Lets get hooked up as well!

If you are here now or coming in this weekend here is the latest as we caught it! This morning we saw some Spanish on a pop and then did a jaunt for other fare.  You do not have to keep anything if you do not want. We can take a digital, release, keep; all depends on what is catching on and what you may or may not be needing.


Weather is great, we have solid breezes oceanside- so don’t panic on the temps! We are not feeling out there  what you have on the beaches! I am booking on spot and on phone   with emails still being answered. If you have questions please call but note there is no issue having less than six anglers! This week I have had two, three, five…Give us a call personally for what you may need! Thanks and remember when booking with us personally you can really communicate .  Thanks and landside at this moment you can reach us at 252 423 0039 cell or 252 473 2398 home evenings.

Our Fish Wrapper & Thank You to some attentive customers!

Let me “catch” it up here first then let me shed some light on something told to me just a while ago.

This past seven day stretch was beautiful and yes, just a shot of popcorn showers! North of our grounds it seems the beaches saw the bulk of Thursday’s rain. We were in sunshine and breeze while the showers pushed through Corolla and Virginia Beach.


We counted ourselves lucky that the fish usually don’t know its raining and the squalls usually push through period.


We worked our way along the coast to find a good Spanish Mack bite! Nice numbers of Spanish are making the move and we have been on the troll and putting them on the grill!


I love my returning anglers! Often, they begin to bring that last sister or brother right along the same path! There is never any “reel” competition as my goal is always trying to keep it “even.”  lol Believe me, if the bite is staggered that can be a challenge on the waiting scale!


Never let it be said that Grandma and Grandpa didn’t deliver! And no doubt the heads hit the car seats on the ride back up to Corolla. The weekend into week continued with more scattered weather and some more anglers in tow. Spanish, one or two blues made the jump again into the buffet.


As we came out of the weekend we saw one or two cobia in the open moving. Some didn’t want a bait or a jig. They are definitely shell shocked as they continue to migrate but if lucky, and on spot, you could pull a horseshoe!  Updating that score, however, know that you could just as easily not see one as well OR have one just plain stick its tongue out and go on its way.


More half day action even in the rain gave us plenty more on the dock. I don’t blame her for watching from the tailgate why the catch was laid out…she probably was the smart one! Dry, cozy, and waiting on the ride up the road! Either way, a win /win on all fronts. As we come out of this weekend we are on light NE with SW in the forecast.


Great temps, some occasional rain North but mostly sunshine on tap means we are go, go going! Remember if you are drooling over “big fish” stuff best to call us directly, find your options and your budget and lets go from there! We will do our best to give you all the information!

okay, Let me thank a client who called us just today. Let me just say when you book through the Marina, they take your card information, and book you. We don’t have any of that and do not get paid up front.  So we literally do not see that until we actually are on trip day.

SO …lol..I was thankful that this person passed along some errors he saw. Unfortunately, since we did not handle that booking we had to redirect him to the Marina. I am sure he corrected it and I want to thank him profusely for bringing this to our attention. He sought us out for his trip, very nice person, and now we have more information to go forth in the future on the bookings there.  So if we do not handle your financial info-please understand we are not being difficult, we literally have no hands in it when its booked through the Marina so any issues that may arise on credit card- you simply have to take the time to call them and I am sure they will be glad to accommodate you!

We are open tomorrow but with other slots not available this week. Give us a call, lets hook it up! Don’t get fooled by the “black out” days on the marina calendar-they do not show if we are open or not!

Thank you again

Viv McPherson

Openings now! Understanding the Calendar

Confusion! I have openings today, tomorrow, Sunday and Monday right now because again folks are just plain lost.

I have seen it on the dock this week and I am not casting stones but let me enlighten folks right now because it is beautiful, the fish were on all day yesterday and it’s a crime if you are tied!


If you are using Oregon Inlet and not booking directly with us-why are there days blacked out?

-we could STILL be available and you won’t know it unless you call us (252 423 0039 cell,  252 473 2398 evenings pls for the second number) or them directly. My advice ?call us directly especially if its the very day you want to go! They use a color coded system so that you cannot book online with a credit card  up to 48hrs before. THINK of the people who don’t know! 

Can I call you as I wake up and book?

If I am available yes. Call us directly, and we will hook you up!

I saw parties on the dock this week looking for boats and they had them eventually but do not be that person left there confused-let us personally hook you up! We appreciate both those using the marina as well as our clients we book here ourselves.

Our personally booked trips inlcude: half days, all days, third trips, or cruise (that has no fishing involved).  THOSE you need to call us as the marina does not provide that service for us.

Thanks and let those emails keep coming! I was answering on the way home yesterday  as fast as I could

UPDATE: yesterday on half day was good good Spanish fishing as well as one or two cobia thrown in the mix. Gotta be lucky as you could catch one and the guy next to you may not! Good luck!

Viv McPherson


“Still Waters” run shallow…just run!

FINALLY! I can tell you from all the folks we have had lately that no one is disappointed to put their feet in the sand, their derriere in the boat chair and just soak it in!



It is so rare to see the surface almost “breathless” that even the blow boaters idle through on those days to safely tie up.


They kept me laughing the entire time!

I continue to be out of the dock, roaming the ocean with great customers on half day this week! Now, it is all about who you bring. Seriously.


I have seen some unique individuals make the entire trip-and let me tell you, this ol’ boy here is a big man. Like Paul Bunyan big! I really think he could have held a basket ball in one hand (he made my bonita look….scared).


Yet, he was the kindest  guy once you got to know him (okay, so the cockpit is an enclosed space and truly-at 5 ft and an inch or two of height, where the HECK would I go?).


We continued to see a variety of conditions so far with SW, light and breezed up and also hardly any wind at all! Sunny skies shown through by end of trip today but don’t let the showers moving through deter you. Sometimes we can go around them. That, and the FISH do not know it is raining lol.


It is the Outerbanks and the weather changes briefly so if you don’t like it…just simply wait! Some crews are new to us and some have seen us a few years ago and are now back on vacation. We appreciate that always! Today was both cloudy, then sunny. Fishing was scrappy-then great all in the same trip! That is exactly what is up right now as of this moment! We saw Spanish and small cores yesterday and today on half days-for other fare speak with us prior as the cobia we released this weekend were definite releases (juvenile) and that fish is a get lucky , see it, cast it etc.


                              Thanks Boys! Nicely done-see you next year!

Bottom fishing on all day is also a option but call us direct so we can see what you may be interested in. Try not to go on old information (“my friend said”) as you may get disappointed.  I am scheduled again tomorrow and the following day-If you are interested in an opening-just call! Thank you to all who continue to call us (252 423 0039 cell) and just get aboard to fish, watch the dolphin, and be somewhere completely different than where they drove out of!

Vivian McPherson

Weekend Wrapper! Yo hablo…

I wanted to give you all a quick wrap on what has been happening the last forty eight or so!

We have finally had some gorgeous weather accompanied by calm seas and we feel like hey, we have earned a bit of that! Sunshine, folks starting to enjoy the  ocean, and all the while we are untied and out.


We have seen some Spanish  making their way on migration and if you have had a chance to eat some you know that folks tend to look for them! A few popcorn albacore have also been in the mix on the same troll as well as one or two bonita macks.


Don’t tell me the foto ops are not there. The click of the cameras starts early as the sunrise spills onto our work.


I never get tired of the expressions, the crank ins, the jokes, the major naps (believe me, it is comfortable enough to catch up on what work may be stealing from you back home),


and the sight of how people take in their surroundings.  It is always about being somewhere that is not where you are the rest of the year! Believe me, we think about the rest-the bite, the weather-what we have to accept via nature and what you can control.  I had someone say we had “the” job! You know, you are right but we always admire the grass on “yo side of the fence too!” Regardless when it works, it works! We are jumping territory alot due to type of trips (bottom trips to deepwater, troll, sometimes a shot at cobia ( speak with us before you try to book soley on that-more soon!) but overall know on half day we have been on the troll.  I have more reports coming and I am booked solid tomorrow so if you are trying to get the weather and hook it up-give us a call shortly! Thanks so much to all that have fished us and those coming in.


NB** if there is a fish you are very interested in PLEASE call us prior to scheduling a trip to make sure it is in the vicinity or that conditions are in the loop on that. It is still fishing but we like to do as much as we can when possible (yes, when the fish allow)!

Viv McPherson

The Weathervane


You should have one on the top of the boat the way it has been spinning around the clock here lately! These reports are overdue as we are fishing and catching and working right through most weekends as well! So let us catch up!

P1000905We started out late last week on the verge of another front (there have been alot of those lately) and more crews lined up to get off the beach, get on the boat, and put a rod in their hands!  We do a variety of fishing depending on conditions so this round put us on the back side for the trout, mullet, flounder, and other bottom fare.

P1000906Never let it be said that families don’t have a little bit of that friendly competition! Just as soon as they started hooking it up, it was brother in laws and father in laws “talking” it out !  The ocean was big this trip so backside was the ticket and the calmer waters filled the cooler for dinner  with trout, mullet, spot, etc.


As the NE winds began to die out we waited for the ocean to catch up on calming down.

P1000916Chase , Cole, their dad and Joey were ready to go and it was obvious that Cole and Joey were going to stand side by side for the hook ups and compare who what when and where. I didn’t worry about Chase as she had the corner tied down with bites and frankly, as Cole kept me hopping on “what is that? can we eat it?” I was more than happy to let her enjoy the stern!  I was glad to see the beginnings of the spot run as those usually hit their peak in September .


If you have ever entered a restaurant and seen “Virginia Spot” on the menu you know how white and sweet a meat that is! I don’t think Cole could have gotten any closer to Joey in letting him exam the fish he just caught!



I have always maintained that it is about taking the time to get together, have some fun, and just be a family, a group, or better yet, bring your friends and hang out. We worry about the rest always!  We can never control the weather, control the bite, but we can do our best to try and find the balance in the middle of mother nature and roll on!  As we exited the blow the ocean finally cleared , the roll subsided, and we were able to troll and make the move again on the blues, the Spanish, and casting for any other larger species that may have made its way!


Elizabeth was the first to catch the showing on this end of Nice Spanish (yesterday was good! If you were here and not on board-sorry you were not!) this particular trip (prior to yesterday) and she stayed right on the rods with a little help from her family! Don’t let the stern face fool ya!


I often get folks daydreaming, hanging out, and waiting for the boat to slow and the gear to go in!  And it is always some of the better shots. Why? No photographer is asking you to hold your head “this way” now “look over here” and okay, let us get one with “you doing like this.” My hat is off to those that have done that as I have no patience and yes I know the results are fantastic-I have seen them but just the same my hats off to you!


By the end of this round we were Spanish on deck, blues on deck, ready for the sunshine, ready for the good weather!

By yesterday we were in some Spanish (good numbers), casted on some small cobia (there is no big push here. I also saw one or two small sharks milling around so if you are looking for bigger fare-run offshore until we see any changes here nearshore) and just glad we had pretty weather. The change? New front coming through shortly. Winds are due to breeze up SW then shift to NE. If you are here go now. I still have more reports coming so stay tuned! Thanks to all who have consistently fished us!

Viv McPherson

Welcome to June-calls for Cobia and the bytes till sunrise


I wanted a chance to catch up here! We are coming off yet another NE blow that has left us fishing the shallows and the backside. I have a few reports to post up but before I post those lets catch up this past 24hr period. My phone calls have  been about the All Day Reports. Here is the best version until the sun comes up tomorrow and gives us the latest!


Cobia-(foto is a released fish no where near the last few days!)before the blow boats were making a huge run South and then some to even hit the warmer water. The slot that had been off of Avon slipped and as of the last 48 hours the seas kicked up to a point where those trips also went by the wayside. You would hope for good conditions and warm water to even up your odds on seeing the fish so know alot more goes into it than just hopping out there and hoping! So all that was old is now new again, means the search starts again, and we all know fish move so as we see, catch, or release it (yep, they can be small enough you do have to let them go!) we will surely post it.

Weatherman missed it by late Saturday and even my crews with me my last two trips could compare what they heard and what they saw in terms of wind.

Presently, the winds are due to come back into the SW, then loll around, then run the flagpole again. We are out tomorrow as well as the following day but still have a few openings this week. For specific fish best you call us personally here at home. That way we can try to zero in on when, where, what! For those who have been with us; reports coming! Promise!

thank you!

Viv McPherson

North Easter Greeter-Memorial Bytes!



I could hear it before I even got out of my bed this morning! Living amongst the trees is like that. If some of my chimes are ringing as well it can tell me from which direction the wind blows. Different chimes, different breezes, different sea conditions! Let me catch you all up on the catching up!P1000885

Weather has been great with temperatures in the 70′s and 80′s! It all depends on which way we have the wind. This season started out with good runs of fish all the way around. Recently on half day on this end we have been on the blues or bottom fishing. Cobia (a shot at, no guarantees ) had been on all day trips down towards Hatteras way. One big push so far. Doesn’t preclude seeing one if lucky.So don’t spaz-lets see what comes next.

Prior to today we have been working the ocean on the troll. Sunshine, my regular customers, new customers-it’s all good!


I absolutely LOVE the Deans! They have fished us for at least ten years now and we have seen alot. Kevin has always been that…”special” kind of funny and no, this time he did not miss a chance to foto bomb his dad ;-) P1000891

They are some of the most positive people I know and no matter what-be it blues, bass, cobia,dolphin (Mahi) or the like they are always on the rod and ready to go! It wouldn’t be Spring without them! We kept on the move this weekend right into today with a breeze up on a light coldfront that dropped through. Winds today were NE when I got out of bed and to the boat.


I had another great group down for just a friend’s weekend prior to a wedding (even the groomsmen need a break ladies) and they could not have been nicer! We left with coolers and jackets in tow for the troll. Sun up brought us the bites even in the current! Doubles, singles when we got it just right gave my anglers plenty for dinner be it grilled whole, or filleted, or beer battered!


Sean WAS up initially but soon found out why we have pillows, benches, and new cushions inside! If only we could have had a washable marker for a mustache….opportunity…missed! :-0! We were also glad to see a first Spanish of the season come across in the mix.





The warmer the better!  To my crews: thank you so much! If you are here, call us directly ! Talk to us about what we are seeing so we can best accommodate you. If you are booking through the marina, ask /request us by name “Sinbad”









Monday looks a little calmer (it was not rough where we fished but farther in the ocean was a no go for us)but if Sunday is your preference, we are here to go fishing-lets go!

thank you

Viv McPherson


252 423 0039 cell/boat,  252 473 2398 home evenings