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Challenge Accepted! The Banana Boat

Open: Sunday 11th for 1/2 am or 3/4 trip. Macks today and the cobia look around. And now back to this crew who fished me prior to the blow we had this week! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYep…yep…there is always that ONE crew who challenge you and ..ok so I did mention maybe if they ate the bananas we would see a better bite? They also promised to suit up for their wives and moms…which of course they did lol.


This trip saw spectacular weather, fun crew, and fish on tap. It doesn’t always work that way but when it does, it is golden. We set out on our extended trip to the grounds and were not disappointed!



The winds this trip had died out and left the fish snapping! Fish are like people as they can get hot, cold, full, hungry etc. They did a great job just keeping the lines straight as we had quite a few flurries with the bite.



The first of the bonita also took a shot on what we were trolling and if you are a sushi lover know that these are just fine for that. Travel outside the US a little and you will find that we have different names for what other cultures call their fish. Hit the sushi restaurant and it doesn’t matter; it can all be good!



We are still casting on any cobia we see along the trip. You may release a few, not release a few, see some, not see some; it is that time of year as they are still moving up and have been under the feather and eel for a bit! Every day is different ! We love the toss and splash and those poles stay rigged! Sooner or later it is gonna be a drum lol. By trip’s end we were all happy, tired, fotos in hand and ready for the beach (or recliner in our case).


Guys, thanks so much for hooking it up with us! We appreciate going every day!

I have more pics coming as we are pushing every day we can weather permitting. Thanks to those who keep us untied!

Viv McPherson

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