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So…then the chill is gone?

Sure! If your toes are in the sand right now it is. Sunny skies, breezes, quite a few folks looking around; it is Easter approaching in full bloom. We have waited through an ugly March to put our shorts on, polish the boats, and shore up our rigs. Ah memories….great times…

Fishing wise it is JUST as we thought for now. When Hatteras and below get the sound water pushing out, there are just a few blues, occasional puppy drum in the mix. Nearshore up this beach is blow toads and small shark. It is still cold in the thermal layer but every time we get a white Southwester’ our fingers are crossed it pushed the heat just a bit closer. That is what it takes and whether we wreck fish or troll and stroll, we will be out there.

I have been on the road a bit and will be again tomorrow as I have placed alot of irons in the fire. If you are my clients and definitely know when you want to go fishing then I would urge you to pay close attention shortly. Get on the books. I have some who fly in and out based on schedule and that is fine but for those in the cottages; once you know then place it on the calendar.
don’t be sad…it is never how you think…

Just relax and know Will and I always try our best to see how we can show you a good time. Being in nature is like that…It can be anything and it MAY even change your mind!


I appreciate all who left a call back as Apple does put you in driving mode! Just hang in there and don’t be shy as most of our town driving you can do in a blink of an eye! Thank you to all who are cheering us on for the upcoming year. We work hard to meet that!
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Saude, Leave the snow and hit the sand!

Viv McPherson