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Coat, Bikini..Wait…What?

It doesn’t matter where you are right now in the U.S. I have had all these items out and then put away again! South and East thousands of miles away the breezes have blown and the race teams still train and challenge.



Home here it didn’t seem to matter; if you were winding them in, winding up in preparations for summer, your eyes stayed East.


It is the time of year when the salt disperses in the Spring air and the restaurant fryers mix with the aroma. You shove the memories of foot tapping aside in hopes that your SPF wear becomes the norm. We had a good year last year.


Folks new and known to us came aboard and gave us a workout both in time frames and fishing. Fish can make you a pro or a novice and we do not always get to choose.



It is nature after all. March will either come in with a roar or meekly arrive and as I re-check our gear I am hoping Mary just sings to it the entire time.



Last year’s storms in the Fall were enough! If you are on the books thank you so much as we have enjoyed hearing from you! If you are thinking but have a solid time frame, I would encourage you to get the day your really want now. Remember: if there is something you are trying to target-species run at different times so best to speak with us personally on that. I have folks on hold in Early April but they are held only to see if something shows up Nearshore as our waters need to warm first! I will post an overview of species soon. Yep, that will be a bunch of photos as to “what is that, when does it appear” etc. It always helps! Thanks to those who have given us the laughs, smiles, and the videos! Always appreciated!

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