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Cobia Restrictions/Poss. Closure 2016

FYI- you can keep abreast of the latest as we know it here or use a local online resource such as the Outer Banks Voice.

A meeting was held in Wilmington the last few weeks concerning the SE management district. (think  Va, SC, Ga, etc)

Effective immediately: Cobia is 1 per person per day. State and Federal waters for NC.


Possible Closure: scheduled for June 15, 2016 for Federal waters. This was due to the quota from last year and the numbers recorded.

This is a federal closure at press time and it means if the state follows, it would be a full closure. If the state does not follow, it would remain one fish per person per day inside three miles. This does not prevent catch and release on that species. We already have that for adult drum.

As soon as anything else arises on this subject I will post it here and on fb. Thank you!

Viv McPherson