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Cobia Showing O.I.& What is up

Today: NE. This means if you are here and didn’t take advantage of the great SW/NW winds we had you missed some easy fishing! So today the board gets erased a bit and reorganized.


YESTERDAY: The shocker is boats found Cobias yesterday outside Oregon Inlet! Yep, home turf.  Some pods of those but the point was they had a showing way up here WAY earlier than anticipated. This is normally our end of May into June fish and so we are all wondering was this part of the push.

People have a tendency to still be home, recovering from Easter, and lined up for later. SW winds and hot temps pushed enough fish up  our Offshore fleet captured a few coming home.  Man oh man lol.

What does it mean? After today’s breeze up the trick will be seeing if those fish seen yesterday continued on or whether they meander and show up again outside our door.

If you are coming in this weekend and would like to go we would be glad to have you! If you want to wait into Sunday or Monday to see how it shakes out that is fine also. You cannot replace the last few days as fishing has been great !  Blues big and small for a bit, some spanish and now  this? All due to the higher temps so early! For those already on the books with us; cross your fingers for more SW winds as the water was a bit hotter earlier this year and put it all in motion!

Thanks and lets get fishing period be they big or small we fish it!

V Mcpherson & Cpt. Will

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