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“Find Yourself”-your pics are here!

As promised to my faithful customers I have tried to forget no one! Thanks to Mike also for floating me some shark shots from this week! Your pics are better than mine (many are as you are behind me adjusting the light etc). We had some good spanish fishing this past weekend along with bites on the backside and some ribbonfish or small shark oceanside. We can change venue throughout the trip and we do if the bite seems to be dragging in one arena. I have got to thank my youngest crew who fished the windiest day this time around!



Thank you Kresge fam-you fished a hard NE wind, put the kids on the bottom-cranked one after another and never let that joy wane.

P1020484 P1020486 P1020485 P1020482

Every boat that passed us heard the kids and you made them smile! We did the bottom track to keep it calm and burned the calico, croaker, mullet, along the way.As the winds laid out we saw the backside gain a lawn-yep lots of grass to the point we ran the other way. NE winds persisted but it was doable that we hit the troll again for macks and some blues.

P1020517 P1020514 P1020518 P1020515 P1020513 P1020516


When the bait balled up it was also on the ribbonfish for a bite. Sometimes cooperating sometimes just a very slow pick.

P1020487 P1020489 P1020500P1020494


When the bait gets gotten, all is forgotten and that pole does not bend! It can be rewarding & frustrating if you are a good fisherman-hence why I referred to it as the “anti-fish.”

P1020496 P1020502

P1020501 P1020499


I had a few groups that fished me more than once in a ten day period and we always try to switch it up depending on the weather and fishing. Blues were in order for one trip only to disappear and be replaced the next by something different!

P1020506 P1020505


I cannot stress how much gear I have kept rigged up this year. I think I did nothing but sleep Sunday which left me pretty much like a jello blob on the sofa. Even our rescue cat could not push me off. Good effort though lol. As I headed into weekend we saw one breeze up then a complete slick out with no wind or current. This can be a curse or a blessing. It never lasts long.



Small mack bite pushed us also to shark and ribbon on the bottom. Sharks when around have been a fun pull on ultralight and we seem to keep good company with a number of boats. I like it all and that is why it is all ready.


Can I guarantee it all? Heck no but I can keep it ready, put my head down and go! THAT, I know very well and has been the spine of our business for years. It is easy to look like a hero on a good day-much harder when the fish get finicky, and I work for every fin. Feel free to release and just take photos-we do that also-feel free to just take a few or what you need-I do not have to lay the dock out-I have 32 years and I have done that so whatever works for you is what I will do my best to do.



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YOU are our customer, not the dock. lol. I have more on schedule-more pics coming but this helps to catch us up.

Openings as of 8/17/15: Tuesday pm trip,   Wed am trip,  Thurs pm trip.

As soon as I stack up I would be glad to run third trip option if the day you are interested in is stacked.

That is for the next 72hrs. For everything else just call us personally! I am happy to answer your questions.


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