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It’s Coming…You Should Know


First: We have nothing open this week. Not until we see a change.

I have customers on hold waiting to see where we are by end of week. I am even watching this weekend right now.

Second: We have a solid cold front here now with a Low pressure from Florida due to join it by mid week. Think NE winds at 25 joining big swell. That translates into rough surf, wave height, and no coastal territory for us. If this lays down, we will be operating normally and pushing for the ocean. I will post it as I know it.

Does not mean you cannot fish the backside but for now; Sinbad is not available until possibly this weekend as I try to accommodate those already on the books. We are definitely booking into next week.

We saw it forming the last two trips we fished out there with the swell and ┬ácancelled our final trips as it was not what we wanted in terms of fishing oceanside with the conditions they had. We obviously can’t always predict it but it was the right move for my crews. We fish plenty of days that are not perfect and catch fish it was just this time with the increasing winds, we called it. Do not get confused on that point. Cpt. cancelled. Big difference.


thanks to those on the books and here on vacation! We appreciate it and have your numbers!

V McPherson

Will McPherson Sinbadsportfishing 252 423 0039 cell.