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252 423 0039 cell Sinbad. Will McPherson


14th-pm or 3/4 in the afternoon. call us personally to schedule. NO third trip

16th-pm or 34 in the afternoon. call us personally to schedule to make it simple. NO third trip


Is Fall coming early? I am starting to tap my fingers on the kitchen table just a bit. I settled in my sneakers this week in the cockpit trying to get a feel for what I have been seeing. Fish move, seasons change, schools open, colleges welcome new recruits, and the days push to be a bit shorter.


It badly wants to be summer but if you have been here this past week; brother what a whirlwind. Lots of slots rebooked quickly as weather bullied us a bit and everyone was unexpectedly shifting. Thanks weathermen; know it is not 100%…. I will be posting into next week from the last few trips as there was a bit to be seen and caught.  If you are coming in and know when you want to go, lets hook it up. IF there is a species you are attempting to try best to call us first. Please have a rough idea if possible with your crews when you call to book so we can expedite it as to what days or day and what you are thinking. Lets not get lost in the shuffle!

V McPherson