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Current currents & NE Blowout today

Heads UP:

We have fished every day but know that rain is due today on top of currents and wind we pushed back against all day yesterday. We are tying up for 24.  We fish in the rain as we have a cabin but each fishery needs at least some conditions. Winds rose yesterday all day chasing some boats home and the rest of us soundside, Ocean fare is off the table until it calms down ( hence the bulk of the spanish and shot on cobias). Yesterday we trolled briefly then hit the bottom for small fare.  If you are here you can see it as you grab your morning coffee. Sunshine is due back tomorrow-radar reads rain SW of us which should push through shortly.

As we return out that way I will keep you posted. Pictures up and coming are from the last round in the ocean prior to being chased inside.  A terrific group I had yesterday on the inside sound (am slot) happened to be very saavy on the beach and pier fishing scene. They completely got it! Their pics included as well down the line.

Thanks to those aboard as we greatly appreciate it. There are limits to each fishery as you can see by the amount of boats at the dock today.

V McPherson