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Dawn’s Early Light & Then Some

If you are reading this and want to go today it is not too late! Sunday we are tapping our feet! Another system will approach (Monday pm maybe) probably tying us to the dock and not even allowing us to fish backside for a day or two should the ocean be a no go! You now have your heads up: you can reach us today at 252 423 0039 cell Cpt. Will


Fishing got even better and we had quite a bit of action on the half day! Limits of blues could be found by working in the bait . They are migrating hard prior to a temperature drop in the water and it was nice to make short work of that.



They do not have to cooperate! When it works it works! Beyond that those fish can make anyone look “unprofessional!”

Seas were fantastic last few days  and if you were looking for some pull the albacores (extended trip) were showering.



Cast? Yep, that would have been your day non stop. No longer than we were there we got a great bite and had the poles working. They can pop on the surface and not eat so know that if you yourself are there and it happens; it is not abnormal! Fishing is Fishing!


I am open all day today for a fishing trip (Sunday) so if you are here Sunday-let us get out prior to any changes. The next weather system is due sometime tomorrow (Monday) so we will have to wait and see if there is a window in the morning but this was the heads up!

Thanks to everyone who booked directly with us as they understood we work hard to stay on the fishing and that may mean trying to get the best time frame and territory! We will continue working right past Thanksgiving as long as the weather is solid and the fish are nibbling!

Tight lines and enjoy the weekend folks!

V McPherson

252 423 0039 cell Cpt. Will McPherson Sinbad