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All Day Bends & Bytes

As promised I am still posting on what, where, when, and how! My crew who booked through us this past week for an all day jaunt really got great conditions, little wind, great bites, and some good eating on top of it all!

P7100162 P7100160

They wore me out and sent me home with definite laundry for my washer! Great jack fishing that day with plenty of releases! Stand up sport be it spinner or standard gear we made sure we had spare rigs to go as the action can be fast when the fish have had a rest post front!

P7100164 P7100165 P7100158 P7100163It was ordered chaos and that is how we like it! Three men, three poles if we could get them out in time and…go! It is a food chain in action. Remembering that jacks being released were great sport, we soon went through the jigs, changed up gear in hopes of landing some good dinner for the plate. We did not get disappointed! Gaffer and bailer bites as well as a solid king made the way into the box. Dolphin bites come and go( sometimes there, then not so know it) depending on what conditions we have as we are not “in” the gulfstream so to speak. Either way, there is nothing like getting that color over the boards! You got sport (jacks) , you got dinner, you got the conditions.


I have had some inquiries into Drum etc. Know that Drum are release only as they are mature adult out of slot. A great freight train (we were on them the other day again-more to come) but they move quickly. Up and down-show early/show late we all put our time for them! Jacks out of slot of late are all release-sport. When folks ask us on all day the options we go over them and go!

I have more drum pics coming-more half day pics coming to post-and another week approaching! Soon the jacks will wane(they are not there forever) so cross your fingers they hang in there a bit longer! If I am stacked on a day next week you MUST have please call us at home for third trip option which is 4-7pm. That would be nearshore.

thanks so much guys! Could not have worked any faster that trip!

Viv McPherson