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So..All Day Haze, 3/4, The Big Chill?

I have hardly been North this summer. If you have tried to put your feet in the water it has been absolutely RUDE most days. There is a current we cannot see and it has kept that territory almost off the list for trying to get consistency! UGH! We have run a few all days, some 3/4 trips and have worked around the water temps and weather.



A lot of folks got scared off due to a rash of squalls we had and we understand-but sometime the rain is worse up and down versus where we are so know that there can be a bubble! All Day Monday saw me with a terrific group that had a great trip. Water cooperated (that is huge by the way-when it doesn’t it is ugly) and we hit Spanish (nice ones),



Kings, one or two black bass, trigger and our token Moon fish lol Throw into  the mix a cobia release and where the heck would I take them next time?????


Seriously?! We never got a drop until we headed home and we could see it South of us. That was the benefit of looking at radar and showing to go.



My weekenders are the same. They literally only had that day to fish so we went, rolled a bit but put them up on the boards. I know they hit the beach before they headed home lol. 3/4 trips also have given us some distance when the water moves in longer range. Biggest factors are wind driven currents right now. We have a hard SW forecast coming up this weekend and a light cold front mid week. I will be working with those on the books already to the best of our knowledge to see how it all shakes out. If you have an all day you can still do 3/4 later because if those fish line after a shake up 3/4 will be awesome! So that you know that all that glitters is not gold; we have hit some hard fishing here and there where fleet has spread for miles. Know that it still is fishing period!


I have more photos to come but am almost caught up on the catching!I have some pm slot available this week and we are more than happy to take you on the spot if open.

Thanks to those aboard!

Viv McPherson

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half days, all days, 3/4 trips, third trip when slots are full and fishing is good