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My day & Jeff Goldblum

Openings: Saturday am or pm slot.

3/4 or All day slot please call prior to booking. I am stacked tomorrow.

Remember Jurassic Park and its various sequels? You know the place where Chaos Theorist Jeff Goldblum says something to the effect of; “sure it is all great then the running starts, and the screaming…” I think that is pretty much every derby we have on drum lol.  It IS a derby…


Half days saw blues mainly, one or two macks, and later a run on drum release. It is release at this size as they are too large to keep. Wait…are you crying?!!!  There is NO crying in baseball! Not our first shot on that as we have a lot more pics.



Hit or miss on the big fish as they pop up when they want but good casting today. I have more reports coming from this week but wanted to show that we are fishing hard no matter what the species! Thank you for the predates we are getting as we are starting to fill. If you do not see your pic yet, photos coming! If you have video please please float it my way. I plan on a montage with various things for my crews.

Viv McPherson