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All Days-Half Days-Dog Days of Summer

This report catches us up until this past week! This is the first opportunity I have had on top of charters so let me start by saying thank you to all who have hopped aboard and to some who literally lost vacation time due to  issues. We only hope for the best for you, honestly.


We have had some All Day trips when the weather was good! At the minimum it makes it nicer when leaving the beach!

P1020306 P1020307 P1020300


Young and old we have taken them all. Sometimes we start out small and let them catch a few first to get them in the groove.

P1020295 P1020296 P1020304


Other times we may launch off, go to work then double back. Our goal has always been to attempt to find the best opportunity for a bite of any kind. When time runs out ; home we go!

P1020308 P1020298


After years here I can tell you that fish get hot, cold, hungry, full; they are just like people. They have a mind of their own and we do our best to be on it!

P1020285 P1020289 P1020290

Half Days have REALLY worked it  prior to this past week.

P1020288 P1020287 P1020286


We started on the last of the blues and macks, jogged around on the bottom inside and out, switched tackle again for just a few jacks on half day (after 5 weeks you can miss that fish on half day-lots of traffic) ribbonfish and the like.


I have never had to have all the gear in such a state but yep, it has been like that! I still have photos from this past week to post so if you are not “here” don’t worry. As I get into next week I will have those. When I left yesterday-a huge thank you to Steve Phillips whose FRIENDS should pat him on the back for;

A. being a nice guy and

B. making sure they had the opportunity to do blues, croakers, ribbons etc. -anyways, it was that! Blues (small school but grabbed a few load ups), croakers for my younger guys then ribbons for the big kids lol.

C. Knowing I was going to go home, pour peroxide on my bite, and fall on the sofa till Saturday morning

This coming week openings for the next four days would be

Sunday-all day

Mon-Thursday: pm trips open  right now

We have many trips for many budgets. If you only have four persons call us directly. If I get stacked I would be happy to run Third trip option booked through us only. That is 4-7pm. thank you

boat cell 252 423 0039

Viv McPherson