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Daze of December-No cold? No worries!

I actually heard a neighbor complain on the warmth. I think it was peppermint withdrawal or something. I am not sure. Weather has been fantastic and boats have dodged the bays and oceans for their customers. I was comparing notes with some friends who have kayaks, little boats etc and I love the fact we bump into each other everywhere this time of year.


Rockfish; still with different conditions and different results. Limits and throwbacks continue. When it has been pretty too long, we tend to see everything scatter. Dusk to dawn folks have been putting their jigs in and it is nice to see a return on that slot!


Oceanside; no black bass or tilefish trips guys. Talk to us next year on that. Gulfstream fleet is waiting to put the rods in on tunas. Wasn’t much the other day but you know that sooner or later it will be a big show.


South of here water temps still low 60′s. Croakers & Trout on the commercial side hit the decks last week.

If this weather holds you are going to see Christmas and holidays with temps in the 60′s! lol

Tight lines

Thank you to those scheduling their cottages with their realty companies next summer  and trips aboard with us! Good choice!

V McPherson