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Drum Roll Please-It is all in the Family

Still more reports to come. The prior post reflects today again but let me do give some great respect to those who were on board with us recently, keeping us on the fish and untied!

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Blues and Spanish still continued on the troll with one species being dominant for a while then a switch to another. Our families came aboard for some R&R and bites and the vacation ensued. Sisters /Brothers/Fathers/Mothers/Sons and friends.


Last week gave us a few shots on the drum line.

P7070140 P7070144

Younger drum gave way to larger adult fish( all were released safely) which made the cast and release an absolute blast! Sometimes as I told my anglers Karma hands you the fish and we just lend you the rod.

P7070141 P7070142

It doesn’t always work but when it is 100%, it is a 100%! Carlos-hope you got some quality time. We entered this week with an All Day trip and some half days that we will be posting shortly.


7/13 today was very good and those who didn’t grab this afternoon, sorry to have missed you as it was flat, nice breeze, and good bites! Spanish, blues, albacore, bullet macks, look downs-it changes all the time! We are back at it tomorrow and if you want to go in the pm just call the boat at 252 423 0039. How much closer can you get to what is going on? Just call!

Thanks and to my all day crowd from Sunday and half days this week-photos coming!

Viv McPherson