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Dusting a piece of history; where were you?

Well frankly, not even a thought yet as far as my soon to be parents would find. Neither was Will but part of the joy of the annual clean out at home and on our boat is finding small things we have long forgotten. Brrr…winter!

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We were made for visitors and nature alike! I have always loved that about this area even as I pace like a panther looking for the next venture I can add for work! What came out of an album we had ?


Will is going to visit some senior captains as there are a few names missing in this photo. Think; 1950′s and there were watermen and hunters alike who ran their boats out of here for those traveling to our sportsman’s paradise. Days of kahki pants, name tags on your dress shirt, and clean shaven faces lol. I have pictures from the sixties and yes, Will and a few other captains that you may think are “aged” sported a ponytail here and there because hey; easy breezy.

Dolphin on the Mar T Mo_edited

Boats were smaller, wooden, sparse in accommodation other than heads and three metal chairs. Ladies  wore hats and scarfs  and now today can run the boat ! Just know there is a history here and with more people entering the area, we all create our own story.

Aunt Camanche Uncle Dave and Phil peeling crabs viv and jen bluefishing

I was here in the sixties as a guest and today I try to show you with  my eyes what is here, jumping, pretty, and priceless. People, there were no phones, no T.V., and one store. It rocked! Needed a bonfire? You could build it no permit and if your kids couldn’t be found all you did was head there , and there they were! We hated to see our parents coming because it meant you had to leave…it was like

identifying the boogeyman in the dark. “Oh man, it is my dad…see ya..” lol

We are currently going through tackle, scrubbing (we do all the way up the walls and ceiling), organizing for Spring. Fishing is silent right now but as soon as true Spring picks up we will post it.

*If you are trying to book a solid week-all refund policies are enforce. We would be glad to do that but we fish with weather conditions inside and out so know that! Books are open and we thank those booking while booking their stay here!

waiting on SPRING!

Viv McPherson