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Evac, Exit, & Fade

By now if you have seen the information blasts, our area & others have gone into evacuation. We hope that all will experience safe travels, patience on the roads out be it 64 or 158. Park service closed the marina yesterday in preparation and we are glad to be out of the water whatever the case. During the next few days you could see this website “unavailable” , “server not found” etc. Go to our other social media should this begin to last and we will post it as soon as we know it. That has been our experience in the past and know that cell towers, servers, cables all hit a snag and it can fade. Our first calls will be to our family once service resumes should it be interrupted. This would include land lines so If you are trying to contact us I would give it until at least end of the weekend and let us see where we all are. I know that I will not be in the water any time prior to that. I want all clear, no extra storms.

I have friends on dredges, boats, that cannot leave where they are and I have already reached out to give them the thumbs up, stay safe, message once you are out of the bullseye. That is what you don’t see. Road crews, boat crews, first responders, DOT, Power Company employees, County Emergency Management are working. Have a heart. We absolutely hate losing this time and our visitors. Please don’t mistake our focus now on what is coming for anything other than the job ahead.


We hope to see this image on the flip side once it all dies down. We are already chafing for day to day. Calm waters, sunrise, and back to work! Thanks everyone and on the flip.

Viv & Will McPherson