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If Experience Were A Birthday Cake- Chilln’

Spring is trying hard to settle in but we know if March comes in like a lamb it can go out like a lion. A buck for your thoughts.


Needless to say we are organizing on wet days and in the sunshine on brighter ones. To and from is the nature of the beast.



Having a fishing operation is like having another home; it requires cleaning, a look through, and everything that comes with polishing and  laundry!


You do not get to see the “cubicle” work we perform with our occasional on lookers. They can be critical and delete a page or two. If our canine partner were still here she would keep it in check.The days at one of our workstations, and there are more than one, with the paperwork we have are more than you think.


This is the unglamorous side of our work days. Pepsi & Paperwork for Will; typing and tackle for me. Days go into this behind the scenes and it is only hours we have to make an impression with you.


We do get a chance to wander to see relatives for which we are grateful! Sometimes we just wonder at what we see…I am sure there are some stories! So, why this? This is your crew. This is the voice you see on our feed. If Experience were a Birthday Cake with candles ours would be on fire. Over seventy years collectively and we are looking forward to this season, this round, our friends, family, and newer clients to come aboard! North, South, East, West & Abroad. We look forward to it.

We need warmer water to get to work nearshore. That is why we push hard to get folks on the right page in that regard. Keep the emails coming. I would like to think that we always see beyond the break, the beach, and what we do! People are interesting no matter where you are from and no matter where you travel. I am no exception to the travel bug! I just need a backpack & solid shoes. FullSizeRender-2


Welcome to Summer 2016 folks

Viv McPherson