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That Face You Make-Welcome 2018!

I am fortunate to hail from a long long line of folks who role up their sleeves and dig their heels in. Thank you for that as there are days we all have that challenge the humor just a BIT! I have inherited this stance honestly and anyone who knows me can see the small resemblance.

mom crankin in!

( f/v Mar T Moe Oregon Inlet c 1970) catch him mom

Boats were basic years ago.Think 8knots or a bit. Crews dressed in khaki and cotton and business was done on a handshake. More conversation, less integration of electronics in to the day to day operations. Wooden boats ferried the way to the grounds and brought it back. Nothing here is static. We are grateful to have come so far and still be here!

The Marty Mo Oregon Inlet NC

( Oregon Inlet Mar T Moe c 1970′s)

We will be polishing up shortly on what price changes were seen as well as time frames! My people who book through our home you already know the routine but for new folks feel free to book this way also  (Visa/Mastr) especially if there are species you are interested in or custom time frames. Doesn’t cost more we just need that heads up on booking you so we know how to run our weeks!


I can see some snow flakes from our window today but I don’t have feet of it!  For those bundled up, have a safe New Year! I have more in the pipeline coming!

V McPherson