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Fall Foreward! Reeln & Rolln Act 1 from 8/19 week

As promised I am catching up full speed to give you the latest. Lots to see, many fotos, and more than one report to do it all!


So this is just the first. We have had great folks who have kept us untied and plenty of emails for how, when, and why. We had a great week overall with scattered showers along the shore which are always part of the norm for any beach community.


When seas were up earlier due to breeze ups, we had our crews backside on the drift. My female anglers got style ya’ll!

P1010369 P1010370

Oceanside we had it good with very few breeze ups. We almost didn’t know how to act! Spanish Macks and a few blues made a reappearance and the fat alberts were on the move.

P1010333 P1010334


We did some light tackle, we did some heavy tackle, but they were moving and eating! I saw look downs, buoy jacks, bait-it was Fall as I know it!

P1010338 P1010340


We had new anglers who have been to Hatteras way as well as return anglers who had let the “kids” grow until they hit our chairs again! This doesn’t mean they ignore the couches on the way in…seriously , they are comfortable and they have a purpose!



We took some great pains to attempt to look good while the run was on! I have another series of reports yet to come, and more anglers on the way so as we catch it, we will be posting but know the weather has breezed up again, due to lay down, and watching the tropics on top of it. If it is flat and the bite is good then its time to get aboard. If its just a certain day you need we can do that also. Thanks to those coming in and those who have made it home safely.

You can book directly with us by calling directly any evening or during the day at 252 423 0039 cell, 252 473 2398 home. I have received emails with no contact numbers so know that I cannot return the answers as detailed as I had hoped do to that fact. Want to book? Just call and we can hook that up!


Viv McPherson