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Feeling the “Low”- bytes 9/17-9/21

Lets see…not long ago it was sunshine, oceanside, and all the round about.



( catch above represents party of a make up trip full boat)

I had previously scheduled a custom trip where my client told me “I don’t care if we ever troll. We talked about it and even if we are fishing in the sound I just want to hold a pole-hero or zero.” I took that statement very seriously and that was the order of the day.

P1020619 P1020618 P1020617


We had great weather and we set out to find anything on the bottom that would bite be it big or small. We released quite a few black bass that trip but we picking up a few triggerfish and one or two very nice keepers considering the territory!

P1020623 P1020624 20150917_105014


Conditions were great, we had a dolphin show, and the trip “sis” had been waiting on did not disappoint! Colin was no slouch either. There was lots of good natured competition going on. Add to the fishing a shark sucker that was as big as a baby cobia (so…where was the host???) and it was an educational trip lol.



I did troll a bit on some popping alberts just because shoot, they were JUMPING and I was pretty sure Colin and Mary had never caught them before.

P1020627 P1020628


As the week went close to weekend we absolutely had the bite on fire as Spanish limits were hit and a few albacore were still close enough to get a shot on.

P1020629 P1020631

Anglers did see an increase in winds as the week progressed and by weekend the seas were building. We moved quickly backside to continue catching blues and macks prior to that Low pressure building to a torrent. I had regulars from my rockfishing winters (you got no idea lol) and they KNEW to jump right on to get in on the bite before weather really set in.



Plenty on the dock, poncho man maintained his stance on cranking and it WAS with them nothing but a good time! Last trip out the dredge did not make it through the main span (hoping it was just the day-not sure there) and we returned after watching birds scatter.



I have folks  scheduled next week so here is the skinny: this is forecasted to move through but it is going to howl Saturday. As soon as it truly settles fish should be around the backside but ocean-we have got to wait for it to settle and reorganize a bit. As we catch it, we will post.



Thanks to those who were with us again-I am still booking into October as long as the bite is here-I am too. Mike-tell my rockfish bar boys hello-lol we all got a bit grayer! Best wishes to them.

Viv McPherson