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Festivals & Fins

The last few weeks have seen Bluegrass, Jazz, Seafood, as well as Fall fishing along our coast!

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As predicted we are coming off the back of the coldfront which reminded all of us why we have thermal underwear. This is a thought I could forget thank you very much!

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We saw the sunshine rise on some great fishing this past run on half days.

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There was still bait stretched along the beaches which left boats trolling on blues and alberts, fishing the bottom for small trout and other fare if possible, and the yank on the albacore. Wrecks were muddied from past storms so that was the one area we lacked.

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Either way a stellar time to walk, take it in, and just enjoy the dunes.  As we headed into mid week the forecast got flopped and it remained absolutely calm oceanside.

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We picked the numbers, traveled quite a bit of distance post catch to look around for what else might be moving and as we hit the weekend it began…to…breeze…I grabbed the last of my trips and have rescheduled some for this week. Wednesday & Thursday appears to be the best right now as they have another front coming in Friday. As we catch it we will let you know! Thank you so much for the great folks who have been keeping us untied. This has been an incredibly busy year and we are going to fish until it is time to wrap it on charter for us personally!

Viv McPherson