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The Fish Wrapper-Openings this week

I have openings this week. Monday morning (tomorrow )and  Wednesday all day still open if you are just concerned with the next 72 hrs. You can pick any slot you choose for your vacation as summer temps have arrived!


There looks to be sunshine on tap and if there is a front there, we will be fishing on the backside if the ocean gets rough (this can change species).


Now on to this past week! After the weather settled down the fish settled in. Temps jumped enormously and the Spanish noticed to make a showing along the beaches.

P1020075 P1020074 P1020076


I had some guys who are glad to be stateside now (welcome home) and they wanted as many experiences as they could enjoy this trip including sushi lol. Turtle show, dolphin show, some spanish and blues, cobia release (I am watching alot of smaller ones in the mix so dip them fellas) rounded out a great spontaneous trip!

IMG_4945 P1020080

Some of the following photos are by permission of “Volli” Norris & brother in law. Thank you fellas! Enjoy your citations!

As we continued into weeks end the temperature stabilized, waters cleared and all the searching and casting was paying off.

IMG_4918 IMG_4946 IMG_4933


Listen, if no one has told you; fish can be cold, hot, full, spooky, one will eat one will not. That is pelagic fishing at its finest lol. It is frustrating when it won’t pay and when it does it simply drives you . You can be the best and they bite when inclined. Most of the time we had been on the troll to make sure we have dinner in the box.

P1020085 P1020092 P1020096

Larger pelagic fish move through and do not stay in number year round nearshore.  So much effort is devoted when they push and after the push it will be luck and being ready! I know, lots to absorb!

P1020089 P1020103

Best remedy is to go fishing, enjoy what is going on and take that with you! If you are targeting something or want to -call us before you book! One day you see them one day not!



We were covered by the drum early this trip and Bridget was bringing in her own leader before I could even get to her small gear!



No time for harnesses, just complete chaos in which they did fantastic and took home release citations (these are sow drum and too big to keep so make no mistake). There were alot of black tips also on the move yesterday and this is pretty early to see them in such a number. They were on my rods so it was all on the move.


Ocean: saw spanish, some blues, bonita macks , blacktip and pelagics.

Bayside saw blues, mullet, croaker, and bottom fare.

I want to thank all the folks who have left kind words in various places! We do our best! If you are here or coming in now, let us get you on the books! We have many trips for many budgets. Thanks!

Viv McPherson

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