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Our Fish Wrapper & Thank You to some attentive customers!

Let me “catch” it up here first then let me shed some light on something told to me just a while ago.

This past seven day stretch was beautiful and yes, just a shot of popcorn showers! North of our grounds it seems the beaches saw the bulk of Thursday’s rain. We were in sunshine and breeze while the showers pushed through Corolla and Virginia Beach.


We counted ourselves lucky that the fish usually don’t know its raining and the squalls usually push through period.


We worked our way along the coast to find a good Spanish Mack bite! Nice numbers of Spanish are making the move and we have been on the troll and putting them on the grill!


I love my returning anglers! Often, they begin to bring that last sister or brother right along the same path! There is never any “reel” competition as my goal is always trying to keep it “even.”  lol Believe me, if the bite is staggered that can be a challenge on the waiting scale!


Never let it be said that Grandma and Grandpa didn’t deliver! And no doubt the heads hit the car seats on the ride back up to Corolla. The weekend into week continued with more scattered weather and some more anglers in tow. Spanish, one or two blues made the jump again into the buffet.


As we came out of the weekend we saw one or two cobia in the open moving. Some didn’t want a bait or a jig. They are definitely shell shocked as they continue to migrate but if lucky, and on spot, you could pull a horseshoe!  Updating that score, however, know that you could just as easily not see one as well OR have one just plain stick its tongue out and go on its way.


More half day action even in the rain gave us plenty more on the dock. I don’t blame her for watching from the tailgate why the catch was laid out…she probably was the smart one! Dry, cozy, and waiting on the ride up the road! Either way, a win /win on all fronts. As we come out of this weekend we are on light NE with SW in the forecast.


Great temps, some occasional rain North but mostly sunshine on tap means we are go, go going! Remember if you are drooling over “big fish” stuff best to call us directly, find your options and your budget and lets go from there! We will do our best to give you all the information!

okay, Let me thank a client who called us just today. Let me just say when you book through the Marina, they take your card information, and book you. We don’t have any of that and do not get paid up front.  So we literally do not see that until we actually are on trip day.

SO …lol..I was thankful that this person passed along some errors he saw. Unfortunately, since we did not handle that booking we had to redirect him to the Marina. I am sure he corrected it and I want to thank him profusely for bringing this to our attention. He sought us out for his trip, very nice person, and now we have more information to go forth in the future on the bookings there.  So if we do not handle your financial info-please understand we are not being difficult, we literally have no hands in it when its booked through the Marina so any issues that may arise on credit card- you simply have to take the time to call them and I am sure they will be glad to accommodate you!

We are open tomorrow but with other slots not available this week. Give us a call, lets hook it up! Don’t get fooled by the “black out” days on the marina calendar-they do not show if we are open or not!

Thank you again

Viv McPherson