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Our fish Wrapper& What’s on tap!

BUSY week led me to get this far before I can catch everyone up. The weatherman missed the forecast most of the way which led to a few showers and some brilliant weather which made even my regular customers remark how far off the “bad” predictions had been!  Show to go folks as it can rain in Corolla and not in Nags Head.

P1010792 P1010793 P1010795

We had one lull from the NE winds where things got shook but then struck right into the bites with good showings on blues, spanish, shot on jacks and the jig!

P1010797 P1010799 P1010801

This is going to be the summer of pretty breezes for the beach goers so it should keep temps great if the pattern continues. I had folks that have fished me twenty years ago, folks that found us on social media review, folks whose friends’ have fished with us; what more could I ask for?

P1010806 P1010803 P1010805

Yes, if you are the MVP you are more than allowed to power nap in between power bites.

P1010807 P1010808 P1010809That is how we roll. Sister’s & Brothers, friends and mothers the jokes kept coming. I love when siblings call “liar liar pants on fire” as they re-tell stories lol. Laura brought huge (like Bernie Sanders HUGE) optimism and was not let down.

P1010810 P1010813Couple of my groups took a shot on handling the lines and they did great so I am hoping I am not on the way out in my job ;)! My cousin made it here; thanks guys! lol. I cannot do it without them period.

P1010775 P1010815 P1010814 P1010816

We still had a few “jack in the box” but know that they have to meet the stick to go in and if they do not, it is release! Still good action before they get gun shy! LONG TIME NO SEE doesn’t mean forgotten as my crew reminded me! Now with younger anglers in tow we are back out, back to work, and moving towards more fishing dates this year!

I have the following openings.

Monday June 26th am trip only

Friday 30th- am or pm trip. Folks lets get them to take them on home or shoot, get on out there to relax post drive home. Toss the clothes in the suitcase-it will make it home! Let the fish house clean & bag your catch and just stick it in the cooler!

anything beyond that will be third trip so for that you must call and arrange it with us via credit card hold.

Thanks so much for my younger anglers and their business advice (you know where to find me now) and my “sage” anglers who are sporting some gray-hey, we earn it yes? !!

V McPherson