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The Fishing Charts

We continue to be out everyday so before we get buried again let me say thank you to the emails and calls! Winds continue to run the clock on the breezy side which means we adjust on territory and species accordingly! That is why you are seeing such a variety in the mix of late. I continue to see some of my “kids”who now have brought their own families and it really brings a smile to know that their trips both busy and slow have still brought them here. It is about being out, not running a list and trying to get the most family time you can before the summer wanes. Just a snapshot for now.


Relax, unplug a bit, and slow down your metabolism. I will push the next round of photos shortly. For those coming in my next openings in the next four days is Tuesday & Thursday pm slots. If the fish stack up again I would be glad to run Third trip Monday or Wednesday but let us see what each day is bringing as the water temps changed again overnight.

Tight Lines

V McPherson

Cpt Will McPherson 252 423 0039.