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Fishing All Fall

We don’t stop simply because the kids are back at their desks, parents have begun to shuttle, and cubicles are calling. Fall is here and it is one of the most relaxed times to fish when the weather is good! First things first;

OPENINGS 9/14 week:

Tues pm trip open. Call capt at home today or request us through the marina.

Wed & Thurs:   open right now but I already have a good client set to go. I want to get out on the backside of the cool down. Beyond that call us directly. I had calls for the ocean-lets go when its nice and we are all about it. If you have a day you simply must go that is fine also. IF you have a species you are interested in then say so prior to scheduling to make sure it is feasible!


Phone calls: We have returned all phone calls and two answering machines have not received any possibility to leave a message. If you have not heard back from us, this could be you.

P1020583 P1020588

Fishing last week was good! Spanish are enjoying the warmer waters and some days it was work and some not! False albacore and blue runner have also set their teeth to feeding .

P1020586 P1020591 P1020592


When the seas were solid the fish could move miles in a short stretch but for those on the books we kept right on moving. I saw a few hook ups on red drum in the mix. No huge numbers but it was nice to see one or two on the line for those that have never caught one! I young and old, experienced and not and they all are important.



( I have more pics from the above trip coming up!)

Experience is not necessary and sometimes more helpful as techniques vary boat to boat. I cannot thank my regulars enough who just pedal in and get ready to go. I cannot thank our new customers enough who have read, tried to judge , and hopped aboard. We have the years on the water doing this in many ways to the opportunities they have given us to remain untied! Machines also are great but they don’t make the fish bite; ever…there I said it…”EVAH!” lol

I still have a few more photos coming to post-hang on! If you are interested in albacore (I have some of you from DC) call now and lets track them. This is week two/three on that fish!

V McPherson

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